Top Tips to Turn a Breech Baby   So your baby is breech ... or transverse? Don't worry, there's lots you can do to help your breech baby turn so don't book in for a c-section just yet. What does 'breech baby' or 'transverse position' mean? Babies constantly change their position during pregnancy, some are real little gymnasts however if they are not positioned head down by approx 37 weeks they have considerably less space to turn into the correct position for birth, with their heads down in the vertex presentation. Around 4% of babies remain 'upright' by 37 weeks pregnancy and when this happens the baby is described as being breech or in a transverse position. There are several possible positions for breech babies - Complete breech - when the baby is sitting on it's heels, looking rather like a Buddha Incomplete breech - when one foot is further down Frank breech - with their bottom first and their feet up near their head Footling breech - when their feet come first When to start helping your baby to turn Research has been carried out in Canada to determine the best time to try turning a baby using an ECV (External Cephalic Version). It has been found that earlier turning is more successful than later in pregnancy. A combination of  guided visualisation and acupuncture (using moxibustion) is highly effective. Visualising the baby in the correct position throughout the pregnancy is beneficial and is particularly powerful when combined with moxibustion once the baby has been 'deemed' breech. Listening to audio downloads regularly will also encourage your baby to turn as well as releasing stress to feel relaxed - when your muscles relax your baby has more space to turn. Benefit from the powerful combination of the three mp3 downloads in our Turn your Breech Baby package - visualisation and positive suggestion are regularly used with great success. Top Tips to Turn a Breech Baby 1. Visualisation - release stress and imagine your baby turning, with plenty of space to move around. Listening to audio downloads can be very effective to release stress, encourage the baby to turn, visualise a positive birth. Play Turn your Breech Baby mp3 regularly, babies very often turn with positive visualisation and suggestion. 2. Moxibustion (acupuncture) 3. ECV (External Cephalic Version) - when the medics encourage your baby to turn by 'pushing' it round physically. This usually happens around 37 weeks, it can work however many babies do not like being 'pushed' around so can turn back into the breech position after the manipulation. 4. Homeopathy - the remedy pulsatilla is often used to turn a baby in the transverse position. Go to a homeopath who is experienced in maternity who will be able to suggest the best remedy for you. 5. Directing a torch beam from the top of the abdomen to the bottom, near the pubic bone 6. Hypnosis and the power of the mind - the deep relaxation achieved in hypnosis allows the muscles to relax, making more space for a breech baby to turn around. It is very powerful to imagine the baby turning when so deeply relaxed and the body invariably reacts to messages the mind sends out. If a mother is anxious about the birth or arrival of the baby this can lead to the baby being 'kept in' so deep relaxation, visualisation and letting go will prepare the body and encourage the baby to move into the correct position for birth. 7. Chiropractor - the Webster technique can help to turn a baby. Make sure you see a practitioner who is specialised in maternity. 8. Walking and exercise - upright and forward positions combined with your muscles being stimulated and gravity will help to move your baby down and into the correct position for birth. 9. Use frozen peas - Babies tend to like warmth and will therefore move away from the cold. Hold a bag of frozen peas at the top of the abdomen (make sure you put a cloth over your skin to avoid sticking) to encourage your baby to head to a warmer space, further down. 10. RELAX, RELAX, RELAX ... your baby will come into the world as he or she chooses. The more relaxed you are the more likely your baby will be to move into the correct position for a vaginal delivery. And if your baby chooses to remain breech then just embrace whichever route your baby takes to come and meet you for the first time.
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