Pain Relief for Labour
How it works:   Relaxation & Mental Preparation: Our   audio   downloads   are   specifically   designed   to   help   you   prepare   for   a   positive   pregnancy   and birth.   They   are   highly   recommended   by   health   professionals   worldwide   as   mental   preparation   has a positive impact on birth and baby. People mentally prepare for all kinds of events such as sports, interviews,   presentations,   exams.   Too   often,   the   mental   preparation   for   birth   is   forgotten.   We   have used   a   range   of   proven   techniques   in   all   of   our   downloads.   Research   shows   that   relaxation   is   key to a better birth with less intervention and pain. Health   professionals   know   that   a   relaxed   woman   in   labour   will   fare   better   during   the   whole   birthing process.   Relaxation   in   itself   is   a   form   of   pain   management   and   lessens   labor   pains.   Natural   birth classes   such   as   hypnobirthing,   lamaze,   bradley   method   and   antenatal   yoga   have   a   strong   focus on   relaxation   to   allow   the   body   to   smoothly   go   through   the   birth   process.   Generally   the   more relaxed you are, the better your birth will be. Positive Thinking: Positive   thinking   and   relaxation   will   have   a   huge   effect   on   how   you   cope   with   a   situation.   It   is possible   to   train   yourself   to   feel   more   positive   and   relaxed   and   the   techniques   included   in   our downloads will help you to achieve this. When   you   are   in   a   state   of   relaxation,   it   is   powerful   to   imagine   a   positive   experience   of   pregnancy, birth   and   beyond.         The   more   frequently   you   imagine   this   the   more   achievable   it   will   be.   Our   MP3 downloads   are   very   effective   as   they   help   you   to   remain   calm   and   relaxed   and   feeling   confident.   In a relaxed state birth will always be a more positive experience.   How to use: After   your   order,   you   instantly   will   be   sent   an   email   with   your   download   instructions.   Simply   click on   the   link   in   the   email   and   follow   the   simple   instructions   to   enable   you   to   save   the   audio   file   on your   computer,   MP3   player,   Itunes,   CD,   Ipod,   Iphone   or   mobile   phone.   Then   listen   to   your   self hypnosis   MP3   regularly,   even   when   going   to   sleep   at   night.   Please   do   not   listen   when   driving   or when your full attention is needed. By   regularly   listening   to   a   selection   of   our   Positive   Thinking   Downloads   you   are   training   your   brain and   your   body   to   associate   the   voice   and   music   with   deep   relaxation.   Whenever   these   familiar sounds   are   heard   your   mind   and   body   will   relax   easily.      Repetition   means   familiarity   and   you   will find   yourself   relaxing   more   quickly,   more   deeply   every   time.   The   music   and   voice   will   act   as   a trigger   to   take   you   into   a   very   relaxed   state   if   you   choose   to   go   there.   In   addition   to   the   huge benefit   of   being   able   to   be   calm   and   relaxed   during   birth,   you   are   also   mentally   preparing   yourself for a positive birth with our embedded techniques. This   MP3   download   complements   other   antenatal   classes   such   as   Hypnobirthing,   Lamaze,   Yoga, NCT and Active Birth and is the ideal birth tool for waterbirth and homebirth. Research    shows    that    positive    thinking    and    relaxation    techniques    have    a    positive    effect    on pregnancy   and   can   shorten   labour   and   make   giving   birth   easier.   The   relaxation   and   visualisation techniques    included    in    this    download    are    effective    for    all    types    of    birth    such    as    homebirth, waterbirth, natural birth, hospital birth, hypnobirth, active birth, etc. We   have   integrated   proven   techniques   into   our   downloads   and   you   will   benefit   hugely   from   the guided visualisations to release endorphins (your body's pain relief hormones). Mothers   use   this   positive   thinking   recording   during   the   birth   to   reach   a   calm   and   relaxed   state   in which   positive   suggestions   will   be   taken   on   quickly   and   effectively,   allowing   the   baby   to   slip   out much more easily, safely and comfortably using your body's own pain relief. Should   mother   or   baby   need   some   help   on   the   way   then   the   visualisations   will   make   everything much calmer, easier and more positive.
Mind Tools  for an easier birth
Positive Birth
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100% peace of mind: Your 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  Go ahead and try out this mp3 download now  there is NO RISK for you. If you find that this download does not do what you desired, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full.     MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 30 DAY
Benefit from more effective natural or artificial pain relief in labour ... Pain   is   usually   the   first   thing   that   comes   to   mind   when   thinking   of giving   birth.   Relaxation   has   scientifically   been   proven   to   be   a   major aid   in   making   birth   easier.   Our   positive   thinking   downloads   will   help you to achieve the necessary level of relaxation. This   wonderful   positive   thinking   download   enables   you   to   relax   and   prepare   mentally,   physically and   psychologically   for   your   birth   and   is   the   ideal   tool   for   homebirth,   waterbirth   and   natural   birth, especially when using lamaze, hypnobirthing or yoga birth preparation techniques. It   has   embedded   techniques   which   trigger   your   body’s   natural   pain   relief   to   manage   your labor pains. Helps you to relax during contractions and birth which reduces the pain Relaxation allows your uterine muscles to work at their best Positive thinking and relaxation can help with keeping your blood pressure low Your baby benefits from you being calm If   you   choose   to   use   medical   pain   relief   this   recording   will   enhance   the   effect,   meaning   that you will only need a minimum amount.   Track Length: 16.10 minutes Language: English, female Music: Phil Curran - Mews Productions    
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I   used   the   downloads   a   handful   of   times,   but   had   them   playing   during   my   labour   -   the midwives   loved   them   too.   They   were   so   impressed   with   me,   they   all   commented   that   they   had no   idea   when   I   was   having   a   contraction   as   I   was   in   my   own   world,   using   your   breathing   with your downloads playing. Nikki  (Hampshire, UK)
The midwives had no idea when I was having a contraction!
100% peace of mind: Your 100% 30- Day Money-Back Guarantee Go ahead and try out this mp3 download now – there is NO RISK for you. If you find that this download does not do what you desired, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full.
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