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Price:  £ 44.99
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100% peace of mind: Your 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  Go ahead and try out this hypnobirthing online course now  there is NO RISK for you. If you find that this course does not do what you desired, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full.     MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 30 DAY
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Labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30mins! I am two weeks post delivery and finally getting to sending this email with feedback on the mp3 and video downloads… First of all, let me say that I never once made it through an entire mp3 without falling asleep!  This worried me a bit that I wasn't "practicing" properly!  But I regularly slept the whole night with the mp3 playing in the background, and I do think they sank in.  This was my first child, and we had a water birth at home with a midwife.  The labor moved so quickly that I hardly had time to implement my "labor plans" and all I had learned from your hypnobirth course.  My husband turned the mp3s on in the birthing room just loud enough to be aware of, and I was able to stay focused almost solely on breathing.  Hard labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30 minutes.  A couple of hours after the birth my midwife told me I was her first client to use visualization mp3s and hypnobirthing techniques but she thought it worked great!  She said that at one point during labor she simply told me to "relax" and watched as my face and shoulders almost instantly lost tension.  My husband and I, and our midwife, have only good things to say about the process and I think the mp3s played a big part in my mental preparation.  Thank you for offering them in this format.  I live rurally and was 2 hours drive from the nearest birth educator, so this was a great option! Sincerely, Christy (Washington, USA)
11 sessions included to help you feel in control and calm during your birth.
100% peace of mind: Your 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  Go ahead and try out this online hypnobirth course now  there is NO RISK for you. If you find that this course does not do what you desired, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full.     MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 30 DAY
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You've probably heard about hypnobirthing, you may even know of classes near you or be following similar birth preparation such as Lamaze, Bradleys or yoga and pilates classes yourself. As hypnobirthing practitioners we know just how powerful your mind is and how effective visualisation and hypnobirthing techniques can be with countless women achieving easy, comfortable, even painfree labour using hypnobirthing techniques. We believe that hypnobirthing is highly effective and are therefore delighted to offer you a new, online hypnobirthing mini-course. This gives you the opportunity to learn the techniques in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and of course to go over the video tutorials as often as you need to. You'll also benefit from a comprehensive range of mp3 downloads to support your pregnancy and prepare you for a wonderful, positive birth. The course is simple to follow, split into manageable video tutorials, supported by information sheets. Each tutorial covers a different aspect of hypnobirthing, packed with information and techniques to make your birth easier, calmer and more comfortable. The course is effective, affordable and accessible to every woman or couple wanting to prepare for birth. It can be used on it's own or as a support to other birth preparation classes. It's also an excellent refresher if you have taken a hypnobirthing class with a practitioner.   "The combination of film, text summaries and audios works really well. No need for any sort of pain relief!" (Corinna - Berlin, Germany) We're very excited about this hypnobirthing course, we know you'll really benefit from the techniques so go on, order it now and enjoy preparing for your positive birth!
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the online course how does the online hypnobirthing mini course work?   This is a step-by-step antenatal program using hypnobirthing audio downloads and online videos to give you the tools and techniques to have an easier birth. After your order you will immediately be sent an email with all your hypnobirthing downloads for you to download to your computer, phone or MP3 player. The process of downloading is very easy and once downloaded you can listen to your pregnancy and birth specific hypnobirth sessions. You will also be sent an email with the links to your online video lessons. They are easy to follow and you can watch these whenever you want and as many times as you want in the comfort of your own home. This same email also has links to your explanation sheets and useful resources.      
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what is included?  Plus Summary sheets for all the video tutorials and a helpful resources page … you can watch and listen as often as you like, building your confidence, enjoying pregnancy, ready to embrace your positive birth what are the benefits? easier and quicker birth through proven relaxation and hypnosis techniques overcome your fears and conquer anxieties related to pregnancy, birth and parenthood learn methods proven to naturally minimize pain during childbirth by relaxing your muscles learn skills that are useful in all areas of life new levels of calm and confidence will benefit you and your new baby easier birth = quicker recovery access your learning tools whenever you wish, as many times as you wish in the comfort of your own home tools, tips and ideas for birth partners Who is the course for? Hypnobirthing is for anyone who wants to ensure that their birth is as easy and positive as possible. Health professionals, obstetricians and midwives around the world recommend hypnobirthing because they have seen the results - quick, calm, comfortable births, very often without pain relief or intervention, mothers recovering quickly, babies eating and sleeping so well. Our online course is perfect for mothers/couples who do not have birth preparation classes nearby or perhaps choose not / are unable  to attend them. It also suits parents who prefer to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. Cost is a significant factor for many parents-to-be and we have made the course affordable so that a maximum number of expectant parents can benefit. It is possible to combine the online course with face-to-face or skype sessions to go through the practical techniques and it is the ideal refresher for parents who have taken a live hypnobirthing course.    
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8 Video Tutorials Session 1 (how to birth easier) Session 2 (how fear affects birth) Session 3 (controlling contractions) Session 4 (how the mind works) Session 5 (the birth day) Session 6 (how partners can help) Session 7 (extra relaxation ideas) Session 8 (how to use tools on the day)
Powerful audio downloads: -Pain Relief during Labour -Breathing for contractions -Visualise your hypnobirth -Bonding with your Baby -Birthing Affirmations -Stress Release -Fear Release -Easier Breastfeeding -Confident Parenting -Quicker recovery -Feel Good Feel Great
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