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Be calm, feel in control and give your baby the best start in life....  
Reduce Pain Take   control   of   your   birth   with   our powerful          best-selling     package Eliminate   Fear,Reduce Pain  
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We believe that hypnobirthing is highly effective and are therefore delighted to offer you a new, online hypnobirthing mini-course. Christy on our new online Hypnobirthing Course
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Calm & Control MP3 Package Tools for you to feel calm and in control during your birth
“Labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30mins!”   Christy (Washington, USA) find out more find out more listen to a sample hypnobirthing online course  powerful MP3 downloads video & NEW!
Hypnobirthing online course
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Shorten Labour Did    you    know    that    regular visualisation       can       shorten labour?
1 hour labour I     sat     on     a     yoga     ball     and delivered    standing    up    going from   3   cm   to   delivering   in   one hour!          It     was     a     wondeful experience.   Thanks   again   for your     lovely     downloads.     I'd recommend them to anybody Lisa (Michigan, USA)
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As a midwife I cannot recommend your audio downloads highly enough.  It’s wonderful to see women take control of their birth and be so calm during labour when listening to these tracks. Sofie Jacobs, Midwife  Pregnancy & Birth Consultancy
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